A Healing River - Restorative Justice - DVD Trailer


http://www.heartspeakproductions.ca A Healing River is a collection of passionate voices and heartfelt stories that take you on a journey through the paradigm shift that some call restorative justice. The film takes a thought provoking look at the issues of trauma, recovery and the psychological foundations of restorative process. (84 min. DVD available through Heartspeak Productions - http://www.heartspeakproductions.ca) A Healing River includes interviews with some of North America's leading thinkers and most experienced practitioners in the restorative justice movement including: retired Yukon Territorial Judge Barry Stuart, Victim Services Manager Sandy Bryce, Trauma Therapist Dr. Joe Solanto, Psychiatrist Dr. Donald L. Nathanson, circle keepers Harold and Phil Gatensby of the Tlinget Nation, Sandi Bergen and Dave Gustafson of Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives Association, Restorative Justice Practitioner Kay Pranis, James Scott of the Ottawa Collaborative Justice Project, and Dr. Liz Elliott, director of The Centre for Restorative Justice at Simon Fraser University. Celine Lee, participant of the Victim Offender Mediation Program for serious violent crimes, and prisoners Deltonia Cook and Warren Glowatski, also speak candidly about their own healing journeys. 24 page dialogue guide included on CDRom